About Me

I am a happy wife to the love of my life for last 48 years, a blessed mom to our amazing daughter, 46 and awesome son, 44, but I was first a grateful daughter to a super talented mom. 

  • I am passionate about making handmade crafts, a lot of them with my Cricut, creating homemade food from scratch, personalized custom decor and so much more! I was raised by a mother who made everything she could, from the quilts on our beds, the clothes we wore, the holiday crafts that decorated our home to the delicious meals that graced our table. Whether a craft, food, or something for our home, it was made with love and joy.

  • I am thankful I take after my mom and I have spent most of my life following in her footsteps making crafts, food and custom decor for myself, family and friends.

  • I am delighted when I am in my craft room or kitchen where my creative juices can run wild. 

  • I am excited to finally have a place to share the journey with you and hope to inspire you to make each day memorable too!                        

Please share what you are passionate about and let me know how you make each day memorable too.  

Wishing you a very memorable day!

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